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Insurance Solutions

Do you know that you are one step away from eBusiness?
Many insurance executives believe it takes an awful lot to get ready for eCommerce. However, eBusiness experts at openFLEX realize that some companies are just one step away from the eWorld. The soul of eBusiness is quite simple. It is about serving your customers quicker and better, which in turn will give you essential competitive advantages over other businesses. OpenFLEX professionals who understand the nuts and bolts of this business deliver a solution that directly tackles this problem. Attaching insFRONT to the client's existing processing system, enables all customer-servicing functions online. These include submitting insurance application, getting an online quote, obtaining policy and billing information, paying insurance premium, filling a claim and tracking claim status, all through secured Internet connections.


Pre-build Custom Design Approach
insFRONT is not a set of one-size-fit-all templates. OpenFLEX engineers work closely with your own business professionals to define the business objects and specific functionality of your eCommerce web site. The process involves Site function analysis; database design and application integration design are some of the processes involved.

The creative team at openFLEX understands that the graphical elements to a web site are more than just "pretty pictures". The user-interface design of a website is the key to its success - it is the roadmap that guides the users trough their experience on the site. The creative team takes the abstract concepts of our client's business and turns them into visually stimulating, cutting-edge graphics that are " web friendly", easy to navigate, support the client's corporate brand identity and communicate the architecture of the site effectively. The tasks performed by the creative team typically include the following: develop corporate identity graphics, develop site architecture and navigation, develop "look and feel", develop prototype, test prototype usability and functionality, support transformation of prototype into production site by the development team. OpenFLEX engineers work closely with your own business professional to define the business objectives and specific functionality of your eCommerce web site.

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